Cafe Viet Story


Our Cuisine

Cafe Viet, as the name says, it's cafe style dining with the best Vietnamese food your hard earned money will buy. If you like or want to try Vietnamese food then this is your chance to have the best eating experience known to modern man.

I have been around and I have seen some amazing things in my time.
I am old, and yet still fresh, ancient yet new.
Health conscious, a wee bit spicy, and exciting.
I am easy going and very social.
I am naturally almost gluten free - but never fun free.
I am humble and my tastes can be simple, yet many say I am exquisite.
Here’s my guarantee: I’ll light up your life, and every moment you spend with me will be memorable.
I’ll keep you young and fit, in love and inspired.
You’ll find yourself telling your friends about me. I won’t object!
Xin chào, I am Vietnamese Cuisine and you will find me at Cafe Viet…

Free Farmed - Free Range - No Added MSG

About Us

Cafe Viet is a friendly neighborhood eatery nestled in the Grey Lynn shops. We prepare beautifully presented food created from quality organic and free farmed ingredients sourced from local suppliers.

Whether your are celebrating a special event or just celebrating the day - Cafe Viet is the perfect location to enjoy fresh, healthy and delicious Vietnamese cuisine in a relaxed environment where you can take your time and enjoy the experience.